Vatican thriller Giallo Vaticano: lo speciale di Servizio Pubblico Più

Vatican thriller

“Inside The Roman Curia there are blessed people, but there is also a network of corruption. People talk of a gay lobby, and it’s true, there’s a gay lobby, and we need to address this issue,” Pope Francis has recently stated. The Catholic Church, devastated by scandals, corrupted by sex, money and power, is the subject of Vatican Thriller / Giallo Vaticano, the new documentary by Servizio Pubblico più, the new news tv show by Michele Santoro.On February 12th, 2013 Pope Ratzinger has resigned, taking the entire world by surprise. His resignation remains a mistery: what has induced him to take that decision? In this documentary – by Andrea Casadio and Francesca Fagnani – we’ll reveal what has been going on behind the scenes.

Vatican Thriller

Paolo Gabriele, Pope Benedict’s XVI butler, has appeared to be Vatileaks one and only main character. “Paoletto’s” public trial has revealed only part of the truth, but many secrets inside the Vatican walls remain intact.In “Vatican Thriller / Giallo Vaticano” you’ll see the fictionalized re-enactments of the revelations told us by high Vatican prelates regarding the pedophilia and the gay lobby inquiries; the cartoons on the secret inquiry by the cardinals – Julián Herranz, Josef Tomko e Salvatore De Giorgi – nominated by Ratzinger; the interviews to the journalists Fiorenza Sarzanini, Marco Lillo, John Allen, Ignazio Ingrao, Carmelo Abbate e Gianluigi Nuzzi.